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Warrnambool RC Warrnambool 5/05/2016 
Warrnambool RC Warrnambool 4/05/2016 
Warrnambool RC Warrnambool 3/05/2016 
Melbourne RC Mornington 2/05/2016 
Swan Hill JC Swan Hill 1/05/2016 
Geelong RC Geelong 1/05/2016 
Melbourne RC Caulfield 30/04/2016 
Cranbourne TC Cranbourne 29/04/2016 
Wangaratta TC Wangaratta 29/04/2016 
Pakenham RC Park Synthetic 28/04/2016 
Kilmore RC Kilmore 28/04/2016 
Melbourne RC Ladbrokes Park Lakeside 27/04/2016 
Cran Training Cranbourne-Trn 27/04/2016 (Trial) 
Ballarat TC Sportsbet-Ballarat 26/04/2016 
VRC Flemington 25/04/2016 
Avoca Shire TC Avoca 25/04/2016 
Moe RC Moe 25/04/2016 
Ararat TC Ararat 24/04/2016 
Bendigo JC Bendigo 24/04/2016 
Kyne-HRock RC Kyneton 23/04/2016 
Melbourne RC Caulfield 23/04/2016 
Cranbourne TC Cranbourne 22/04/2016 
Wodonga-Dist RC Wodonga 22/04/2016 (Trial) 
Colac TC Colac 22/04/2016 
Wangaratta TC Wangaratta 21/04/2016 
Pakenham RC Park Synthetic 21/04/2016 
Melbourne RC Ladbrokes Park Lakeside 20/04/2016 
Wodonga-Dist RC Wodonga 19/04/2016 
Sale TC Sale 19/04/2016 
Melbourne RC Mornington 18/04/2016 
Terang-Dist RC Terang 17/04/2016 
Pakenham RC Park Synthetic 17/04/2016 
Melbourne RC Caulfield 16/04/2016 
Moe RC Moe 16/04/2016 
Werribee RC Werribee 15/04/2016 
Cranbourne TC Cranbourne 15/04/2016 
Warrnambool RC Warrnambool 15/04/2016 (Trial) 
Wangaratta TC Wangaratta 14/04/2016 
Pakenham RC Park Synthetic 14/04/2016 
Ballarat TC Sportsbet-Ballarat 13/04/2016 
Geelong RC Geelong 12/04/2016 
Hamilton RC Hamilton 11/04/2016 
Cran Training Cranbourne-Trn 11/04/2016 (Trial) 
Echuca RC Echuca 10/04/2016 
Pakenham RC Park 10/04/2016 
Woolamai DRC Woolamai 9/04/2016 
Bendigo JC Bendigo 9/04/2016 
Melbourne RC Ladbrokes Park Hillside 9/04/2016 
Donald-Dist RC Donald 8/04/2016 
Cranbourne TC Cranbourne 8/04/2016 
Ballarat TC Sportsbet-Ballarat 8/04/2016 (Trial) 
Kyne-HRock RC Kyneton 7/04/2016 
Pakenham RC Park 7/04/2016 
Melbourne RC Ladbrokes Park Hillside 6/04/2016 
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